Tuned In Meditation Album

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Tuned In is a unique Meditation and Spiritual Healing Album including 9 tracks on grounding, clearing, charging and healing your chakra and energy system.  Karen gently guides you on a relaxing healing journey using techniques that stem from 15 years of her experience healing the human energy field.  

There is no music – just a healing voice guide, designed to assist you in releasing old past hurts so that you can begin living more deeply connected to your core and heart centre.  This album is a must for all those seeking to develop a greater awareness of their energy field.

Recorded at 432 hertz (rather than the usual 440) this alum not only captures Karen’s spoken voice but using cool technology, our friends at Sensei Sound have also captured the frequency and vibration of Karen’s entire energy field.  It’s like having your own personal healer in the room with you!

Simply plug in the USB crystal flash drive into your computer and upload the 9 MP3 files to your music device or listen straight from the computer.  We recommend using earphones.


Recorded and Mastered by



Photography by

Victoria Cranwell


Karen ReidMessage from Karen Reid

Hey everyone – This album is a culmination of over 15 years developing healing techniques for clearing, charging and healing the human energy field (Aura and Chakras).

There is no music – it’s just 3D kinda style assisting you to heal yourself.  

People often ask me, “How do you stay so calm and centred?”  Well I have been doing these exact grounding and clearing exercises every day for years and years!  Now you can too – I believe I stay truly connected to myself through this practice which has made my energy field super strong.  I have built over time a very solid core and sense of inner strength which helps me deal with the duality of life much better.

I hope it will assist you to tune in to your own inner wisdom and guidance too.  We are after all our own best guide.



Love Karen



Your healing is your responsibility.  These meditation and spiritual healing tracks are designed to be a guide only – we are not medical doctors and do not medically diagnose or prescribe treatment.  If you have an illness or are on medication, we ask that you be in the care of a licensed medical practitioner.  This work is designed to be in harmony with any other healing work you undertake.  If you have any issues that arise energetically or emotionally it may be a good idea to contact a Practitioner from The Healing Company Ltd for a one-on-one session to assist you with your energy or emotional needs.  This is made with your safety in mind.  Please email us on info@thehealingcompany.co.nz should you have any queries.