Tranquility & Meditation | Organic Essential Oils

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Tranquility & Meditation | Organic Essential Oils


Let the noise and stress of the day drift away with a warm, gentle aroma designed to promote inner peace and relaxation. Made with a unique synergy of therapeutic ingredients, this blend has specific relaxant, calming and cleansing properties to help soothe world-weary senses and encourage restorative process. Suitable for diffusion, pulse points, baths and dilute for massage.

Sandalwood Australian (wild) Santalum spicatum
Strengthening, it helps you make peace with the world.

Chamomile Roman (organic) Anthemis nobilis
A strong sedative, relaxing, gentle & kind.

Lavender Sweet (organic) Lavandula angustifolia maillette
Washes away emotional conflict & calming nervous tension.

Orange Sweet (organic) Citrus aurantium
A cheerful scent to restore a positive outlook.