Pomander Glass Vial Set

$210.00 (incl GST)

Set of 16 Glass Vial Pomander Essences


The Pomander can be used for daily auric (aura) cleansing. By placing three drops, or one spray, of these naturally fragranced coloured essences on our hands and moving them through the electro-magnetic field that surrounds our body, our aura, we can create a delicate energy matrix around ourselves.

This allows the positive energies to enter our energy field and protects us from energies we do not want. The colours of our aura change in accordance with our mood and environment. The Pomanders help to protect and maintain the integrity of the electro-magnetic field, so by taking the time to balance the energies surrounding us, we may feel tension being released.

Each Pomander may introduce the positive energies of the colour to which it relates, Pink may bring us the experience of love, warmth and caring whereas Turquoise may help us communicate our feelings from the heart. When people say ‘Your positively glowing’ – this is when your aura is cleansed.

The original meaning of the word Pomander is a collection of herbs for purifying, healing and giving protection. Vicky Wall, the founder of Aura-Soma, who created the first Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles, Pomanders and Quintessence’s used the term Pomander in a more encompassing manner describing their function as a protection at an energetic level rather than at a physical level. The lending and energising of the herbs, plant extracts and the energies of crystals within the coloured Pomanders may help produce an energetic balance within the subtle bodies.