Life Loves You | 7 Spiritual Practices

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Life Loves You | 7 Spiritual Practices to Heal Your Life

Louise Hay

Life loves you and you have the power within you to create a life you love. Life loves you is one of Louise Hay’s best-loved affirmations. It is the heart thought that represents her life and her work. Together, Louise and Robert Holden look at what life loves you really means—that life doesn’t just happen to you; it happens for you. In a series of intimate and candid conversations, they dig deep into the power of love, the benevolent nature of reality, the friendly universe, and the heart of who we really are. Life Loves You is filled with inspiring stories and helpful meditations, prayers, and exercises. Louise and Robert present a practical philosophy based on seven spiritual practices. Key themes coverThe Mirror Principle – practicing the how of self-loveAffirming Your Life – healing the ego’s basic fearFollowing Your Joy – trusting your inner guidanceForgiving the Past – reclaiming your original innocenceBeing Grateful Now – cultivating basic trustLearning to Receive – being undefended and openHealing the Future – choosing love over fear.