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Watch: How to Use White Sage

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How to Clear Energy in Your Home using White Sage

Meet the Team Podcast May 2019


The Power of removing Energetic Blocks 

Published on Apr 2, 2019

Jocelyn, Karen and Dr. Mari take their guest Meg on a wonderful exploration into unlocking her subconscious blocks. These unseen memories and hidden barriers are energetic, physical and psychological. Meg bravely faces the blocks that have been holding her back from having what she wants. Discover the refreshing freedom that can be realized through self-exploration.

The Power of Shifting your Perception : Finding your purpose


Published on Apr 14, 2019

Jocelyn, Karen and Dr Mari dive deeply into our shadow self. The self that we don’t show to the world yet creeps into our lives silently reflecting our thoughts back to us. We are not even aware that we empower this self because it is buried deeply in our subconscious mind. In becoming aware, is Jocelyn explains, you can shift your perception to create a better life. The slightest and smallest of shifts are the key to changing your life. It’s the magic that we hold with in us. Karen teaches that we often freeze our energy in a time of great difficulty from childhood. We continue to repeat the same patterns over and over again in an attempt to heal that child. She provides a simple technique to acknowledge the inner wounded child to heal that child. Dr. Mari explains that we are stronger than what we believe and that once we face the childhood wounds and give ourselves the nurturing that we weren’t provided, We become more present in our lives. When we are aware of what causes of to react in the way that we do, we can heal through self empowerment!

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Rest in Love Our darling Marli 11yrs 8 months.

On 28 February Mr Poo Bear had a blood clot that he could not recover from following long term heart disease.  (heart murmur) .  In true Marli style, he slept his way back into heaven.  I hope the Angels are ready for a noisy snorer who purrs like a tractor.  He healed so many people in his short time on Earth, maybe you were one of them.  He was also a participant on many workshops.  We will always hold him in our hearts, and will miss his noisy and charming presence.   He always loved his coat and was an absolute guts for affection pats and cuddles lol.  In case you are wondering, he actually lived next door with the owners of Seven Senses, and for 7 years on the trot he would turn up at my door, ready for the day’s healing.

I remember very early on, he was so determined to get in my door, (you may recall a loud meowing at the door often!) anyway he couldn’t get in, because I was busy with a client….. I thought should I stop the healing and let him in?  I kept going….to not disturb the peace of my client….(aside from the loud cat at the door) he then did a big giant loop of the whole complex meowing at the top of his lungs the whole way round the building in protest.  I said to the client, ahh…do you mind if I let him in?  Sure they said (thank goodness).   And that was that, he LOVED being present during healings, his purring was very healing, and he loved climbing onto people’s legs, or relaxing in the basket.  I had to keep moving client belongings so he didn’t leave fluff on their bags….he would park himself on top of people and bags… gulp… I had to add a sentence to my first-time meeting with people, “Ah, are you allergic to cats?”  By the way he wasn’t Cat and we never said the C word.  He was a super special, highly intelligent being that was determined to heal people and make himself known.  I personally thank him for filling my heart with love so many times for so many years.  I will miss you and forever love you Mr Poo Bear.  By the way he made it to the other side safely, and is still hanging out with us on the fourth dimension. Yes I know, that tap photo is an OSH hazzard!  That was him. Black fluff on tap mystery solved. lol. Rest assured, I was always cleaning taps, towels and fluff…. so naughty, so adorable.  Loved him so much.  Bless this little darling.

Basket Marli relaxing on table Marli with client Tap


Karen’s Vlog 18 February 2019 

Easy Exercise to correct posture and open your Heart Chakra

Karen’s Vlog January 2019

Drinking Water just got a whole lot more interesting!  Watch new video here:


crystal water bottle 2 Crystal water bottle with Karen Crystal Water bottle

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Let’s discuss Energy Healing, Personal Growth & Spirituality.

16 June 2018

How to Shuffle your Tarot & Oracle cards

How to Bless a new Tarot or Oracle Deck

May 2018

White Sage – KarenReidHealer on Instagram 




Californian White, Black & Blue Sage + Yerba Santa explained

Thursday 12 April 2018:

How to light a mini charcoal for burning Sacred herbs & Incenses (Frankincense, Myrrh & White Sage)

Watch here – 

14 March 2018:

Grounding Exercise

Watch here – 







13 February 2018:

Heart Chakra Self Love Exercise

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8 February 2018:

Not clearing your jewellery can make you feel energetically drained – use this easy technique to keep your treasures clear.

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29 January 2018:

Can you feel energy? Here’s how feeling energy (clairsentience) works in your energy field (base chakra) and how to clear yourself of unwanted energy.

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22 January 2018:

Judging yourself whilst eating causes energy blocks. Clear yourself from stuck energy with this easy tip….

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21 December 2017: 

Remedy for resistant meditators….Try my animal journaling technique

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6 December 2017:

Struggling to meditate? Try these tips….. 

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28 November 2017:

Purify Your Energy. Introducing Palo Santo….

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21 November 2017:

How to clear your emotional chakras 
with White Sage

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9 September 2016:

Welcome Video Karen Reid Healer The Healing Company

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