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The Andean Indigenous Bursera Graveolens tree naturally produces aromatic hypoallergenic Resin that grows into a concentrate with age.  The value of this sacred gift was clear from the first discovery of its torchlight and Beautiful scent.  B.Graveolens lives for 40-90 years; after death, the wood matures four to ten more years before it “falls”.  Only then is it consecrated as “Sacred Wood” (Palo Santo).

By respecting this cycle, we ensure the highest quality hand-chosen offerings.  Each year we reserve a select portion of high Resin Peruvian Palo Santo wood.




Pack of 9 Incense sticks: $45 BUY NOW / POSTAGE $6.50 OR FREE PICK UP IN CLINIC

Extracted from the Almacega tree of the Amazon Rainforest, sacred Breu Resin (“Breuzinho” or “White Breu”) is used in healing rituals, and to create good energy.  It also possesses a property that causes regression experiences and conscious dreams after ritualistic use.  Breu’s aromatic Resin is rich in alpha and beta-amyrina triterpenes, which possess anti-inflammatory, analgesic and gastro-protective properties.  (Dep. of Physiology and Pharmacology of the Federal University of Ceara, Brazil.). The Resin is indicated for respiratory trouble, stomach ache, liver malfunction, and mental activity.





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About California White Sage Salvia Apiana

This California White Sage grows solely along a 350 coastal eco system, the coastal mountains of Southern California.  It is the biggest-leafed, fattest-stemmed member of the entire sage family and a most highly valued smudge in Earth honouring ceremonies.  This broad leaf sage is prized for its strong aromatic properties; it has the strongest scent of all sages.  American Indians have been using White Sage for centuries in clearing ceremonies.

The Purpose of using Sage

Sage is a cleansing and purifying herb and can be used to help break up feelings of negativity.  Its properties make it ideal for use in cleansing and clearing ceremonies of people, places and objects, as well as for meditation or prayer.  People wanting to build a closer spiritual connection may also benefit from burning or carrying the herb.



See what Karen Reid and other kiwi psychics suggest for energetically clearing your home here:


House Clearing Instructions using White Sage:  Start at front door, light sage and allow to burn (flame) for a short time until it is burning reasonably will, then put out the flame by waving through the air fast or blowing out and you will then have a smouldering smudge stick.  Ask Great Spirit to help you shift the energies, say your own prayer if you wish.  Move in a straight line to each corner, working in a clockwise direction around the house, lifting up the smoke at every corner.  Sage in cupboards and dark places as you go, until you end up back at the front door.  Sage the entrance of the door with it open to allow negative energies to escape.  Put sage on doorstep allow to burn for a couple of minutes and then you could put out if you wish to use the smudge stick in the future.  Put out in some sand in a container such as a Paua shell or saucer.

To Anoint your Home

A Sacred space and protect you from harm, rub any one of the following essential oils, undiluted, on your doorjamb:

Cinnamon; clover; cypress; dragon’s blood; frankincense

Walk through the door and close it securely.  Take the remaining essential oil and anoint every other door and window.  Light a candle and say:

My home is my temple, and here I will live and love and be healed.  And so it is by magic sealed.

Next, burn a bundle of Sage and pass the smoke around for purification.  This is called ‘smudging’. 

Healthy House Warming Ritual

When you or a friend move into a new home, place a bundle of dried hops or Eucalyptus on the front door.  Walk through the door, light your favourite incense and a brown candle, and sit or stand in the centre of the front room.  Whisper:

House of my body, I accept your shelter.

House of my spirit, I receive your blessings.

Home to my heart, I am open to joy.

And so it is.  And so it shall be.

How to use Sage Crush

Sage Crush is mainly used for cleansing and maintaining.  You’ll need a paua shell and charcoal block.  Light one side of the charcoal block, then place it in the shell.  Sprinkle sage crush over it and enjoy the aroma.  For cleansing purpose use a smudging feather direct the smoke to the area you are cleaning.

Sage Bath

Smudging for self-clearing is not suggested if you suffer from asthma or respiratory illnesses.  You can enjoy the benefits of this wonderful cleansing herb by having a Sage bath.  Put 5gm of Sage crush into a cup of hot water.  Leave it for 30 mins then pour off the tea and pour into your bath.  Sage bath is also used for relaxing the hyperactive mind. 

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Mugwort Artemisia douglasiana is a member of the powerful Artemis family of herbs and is used widely both in western and eastern herbal traditions. It was used in medieval times to flavor beer and keep the user safe from evil possession.

Mugwort is a common name that is used to describe several species of sage. Our mugwort is a variety that is native to the Western United States and is known as Douglas’s Sagewort but is also called California Mugwort, and Wormwood. Native Americans used this plant medicinally and ceremonially. The Chumash, Karok, Miwok, and Yurok are said to have used it to treat rheumatism, sometimes applying the leaves as a poultice and other times making a decoction that was taken internally. The Pomo used it to treat stomachache and cramps. The Paiute used it to treat colds and fevers, placing branches over a bed of ashes and sleeping on it. Among the Miwok, mugwort was rubbed on the body to keep ghosts away. Necklaces were made with small balls that contained mugwort and other “medicine” and when worn, were believed to prevent dreaming of the dead and would allow one to go out at night without fear of ghosts. Our Mugwort is wildcrafted in California and Oregon.

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(Hand plaited from First Nations tribe, Canada)

Sweetgrass Hierochloe Odorata has many ceremonial uses among most American Indian tribes and is often used in conjuction with White Sage.  Considered sacred, it’s smoke is used for prayer, cleansing and as a healing agent.  Sage is first burned to drive away any negative forces, then sweetgrass is burned to summon positive ones.  This special herb has a sweet vanilla-like scent and brings with it the blessing and love of our Earth Mother evoking feminine essence.  It is often braided with  the three sections representing mind, body and soul. Sweetgrass can be unbraided or trimmed into small pieces and sprinkled on hot charcoals.  It is frequently used in Sweat lodge ceremonies, tied to traditional bustles and used as a sachet for clothing to keep clothes fresh.  Sometimes known as Marsh Hay, Holy Grass, Vanilla Grass and in Lakota it is called Sink’pe tawota.



Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom Salts are full of magnesium which is the first mineral you lose when stressed.   As the skin is the largest organ, this is the best way to absorb magnesium into your body.  Epsom salts also clear the energy field, so if you are feeling energetically depleted or physically tired this bath is highly recommended. 

500g Epsom Salts

½ Cup Bicarb Soda (baking soda)

Few drops Lavender Essential Oil

Pour Salts and Soda into the running bath.  Place a few drops of Lavender oil in at the end and enjoy soaking for at least 20 minutes.    

French Rose Healing Bath salts 500gm bag COMING SOON

Lavender Healing Bath salts 500gm bag COMING SOON

Our Bath salts are lovingly hand made using a combination of Epsom Salts, Bicarb soda, essential and carrier oils, Cocoa butter and fresh herbs (organic where possible) infused with healing and crystal energy.



The Process of grounding means to be energetically connected to the Earth through your base chakra (energy centre).  Being grounded centres your unique essence into your physical body which acts like a conductor for Earth’s energies and a conduit for Spiritual energies to come through.  Being properly centered into the Earth’s energies will keep your Energy field in a good flow and your emotions balanced so that you can manifest your life purpose, goals and dreams.  You know you are not grounded if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Dizziness
  • Clumsiness / tripping over things
  • Feeling out of your body
  • Staring a lot / loosing track of conversations
  • Nervous & Irritable
  • Tired / no passion for life

Ways to ground yourself

  • Walk barefoot on the grass, earth or sink your feet into the sand at the beach.  Take big deep breaths in and out.  Research shows a good 90 minutes barefoot on Earth or walking in nature grounds you properly.
  • Sit next to a tree or place your hand on it.  Feel into the strength and power of the tree.  Allow yourself to become the same frequency as the tree and imagine you have tree roots extending out the bottom of your feet sinking deeply into the molten core of the Earth.  You can also imagine drawing this energy up into your feet and legs all the way from the Earth.
  • Eat lots of Earthy root vegetables like Kumara, sweet potato, beetroot, Jerusalem artichokes and carrots.
  • Use sounding such as chanting, singing, Oming, humming or letting out big noisy sighs.
  • Use smells such as incense and Aura Soma (REDS) to stimulate the first chakra and first level of your energy field.