Brennan Energy Healing With Psychic Medium – One Hour $200

Includes full balancing of your Aura and Chakras (energy centres) by highly qualified, experienced and registered Brennan Healing Science Practitioners. All our Practitioners trained Directly with Dr Barbara Brennan, former NASA Physicist and best selling author (Hands of Light & Light Emerging).

All our Brennan Practitioners offer this service.

Karen Reid: $200 per one-hour session.

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Remote Brennan Energy Healing with Psychic Medium (Long Distances) One-hour session $200

Full balancing of your Aura and Chakras (energy system) by highly qualified registered Brennan Healing Science Practitioner. 1.5 hour treatment includes 15 minute consultation via phone or Skype prior to the session, a remote healing session and an after-session emailed report.

Karen Reid – $200 per one-hour session

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Professional Supervision with Karen Reid $200

Supervision is a one-hour in person or Skype session and is ideal if you are a healer or natural health Professional in practice and need Professional assistance to handle and process your client cases. Bring any client cases you are having difficulty with to Karen and she can assist you to navigate the emotional, psychological, energetic and spiritual terrain. Karen can also assist you if you are a new healer or natural health professional in terms of business and marketing support and guidance.

Price: $200 NZ dollars per one-one session or $150 US dollars



A BIP session is a one-hour in person or Skype session that supports you through emotional, psychological and spiritual growth and awakening. A session typically involves deep integrative compassionate listening, using body-mind facilitation, presence, mindfulness, and allows your natural wisdom to arise helping you to feel alive and grounded in the present moment.

BIP Sessions are great for:

  • Emotional relief for stress, depression, fear, anxiety, joy, sorrow
  • Someone to listen and compassionately be present with you
  • Personal Process development
  • Understanding your characterology
  • Finding your purpose
  • Developing being in the present moment
  • Assist you to reach your full potential
  • Explore your belief systems

Price: $200 NZ dollars per one-one session or $150 US dollars


Tuned In Workshop $199     NEXT WORKSHOP ON SUNDAY JULY 8 2018    ONE PLACE LEFT

Come on a journey with Barbara Brennan Healer, Psychic, Medium and International Speaker Karen Reid, learn how to Tune In to your psychic abilities through your Aura and Chakra System.  Become inspired, energised and uplifted with new knowledge, new tools to help you live in the world of energy, consciousness and intuition. Begin to live with a greater sense of wholeness and connection to yourself!

This workshop will include:

  • Learning how to ‘tune in’ to your psychic intuitive ability
  • Discovering how your aura & chakras function
  • Techniques on how to clear your energy field
  • Correct grounding techniques
  • Practical ‘letting go’ tools to incorporate into your life
  • Channelled meditation
  • Deepening your connection with your spiritual guides



Healing/Psychic Medium Practitioners Hours:

  • Karen Reid: Tues, Weds, Thurs and Saturday 9am – 6pm (last appointment 4.30 or 5pm)


Payment information

We accept Eftpos, Cash, MasterCard and Visa.

Long Distance Payments*:
Within New Zealand – Bank transfer, post a bank cheque.
International – Bank transfer, credit card, Paypal.
*Long distance payments are required at time of booking.


Gift vouchers

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What to expect in a session

  • The session takes place in a safe and relaxed clinic environment
  • You lie fully clothed on a massage table. A BHS Practitioner works with your energy field in and around your physical body
  • We will identify where you are ‘blocked’ in your energy centres
  • We work with highly advanced techniques to clear these blockages consciously
  • Any emotional or psychological issues that arise will also be worked through with you
  • Following a treatment there can be a feeling of heightened awareness, relief, lightness and increased vitality


Tips before your first session

  • We ask you to fill out some important paperwork so that we can assess your health history & patterns
  • We ask you about any special health regimes or medications you may be on
  • We ask you to sign a consent form for treatment as part of our BHS best practice standards
  • Please sign two consent forms, one for yourself and bring the other copy with your health history form to the first session
  • Please do not wear any heavy perfumes or aftershave
  • Please arrive as close to the booked time as possible
  • We need time to tune in to you, so being late is not advisable. Just a quick text if you are running late is appreciated
  • We recognise from time to time that appointments need to be cancelled at short notice – we would appreciate notification as soon as possible so your time slot can be used by other clients
  • We will always endeavour to re-book the space to avoid charging a cancellation fee, but “no shows” and late cancellations may attract a fee
  • We have all paperwork here ready to go at the shop or follow these links to the forms


Link to important forms

Click here to view all important paperwork



We are not medical doctors and so cannot diagnose any physical body illness or disease. We are often asked to be a medical intuitive – this is not part of our service, we are simply not allowed to diagnose. If you have an illness, or suspect that you have some form of illness, disease, pain in your body, chronic or acute physical body distress, something that doesn’t look or feel quite right, please see your licensed medical physician/GP.