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13 February 2018:

Heart Chakra Self Love Exercise

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8 February 2018:

Not clearing your jewellery can make you feel energetically drained – use this easy technique to keep your treasures clear.

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29 January 2018:

Can you feel energy? Here’s how feeling energy (clairsentience) works in your energy field (base chakra) and how to clear yourself of unwanted energy.

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22 January 2018:

Judging yourself whilst eating causes energy blocks. Clear yourself from stuck energy with this easy tip….

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21 December 2017: 

Remedy for resistant meditators….Try my animal journaling technique

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6 December 2017:

Struggling to meditate? Try these tips….. 

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28 November 2017:

Purify Your Energy. Introducing Palo Santo….

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21 November 2017:

How to clear your emotional chakras 
with White Sage

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9 September 2016:

Welcome Video Karen Reid Healer The Healing Company

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Interview with AW Magazine


How to clear your home of ‘bad vibes’ featuring Karen Reid Healer


Televison interview with Karen Reid Healer – Newshub 2016 


Radio Interview with Jeanette and Robbie from The Breeze 


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The Real Housewives of Auckland

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Restore your health with chakras

Take your health into your hands with chakras, or the seven energy centers throughout your body that are believed to hold the key to a long, healthy life. Find out how to restore your chakras to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health.


Abortions and the effect on the human energy field (aura)

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Healing Company ‘Bed In for Peace’ Grand Opening

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Pink Ribbon Breakfast

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WINNER, Asia Pasifika section Style Pasifika Fashion Awards 2006.

Overall Runner-up & Highly Commended 

       Pasifika07_04 Pasifika07_02 Pasifika07 Pasifika07_03

Grace Mann designs is a fashion label owned by twin sisters Karen and Alison Reid named after their late Grandma Grace Mann. This was one of the first garments they made on the sewing machine they inherited from her. Uomu Korowai was also featured in the fashion parade during the grand opening of Vector Arena, Auckland City.


The Apprentice NZ Reality Television Series – 2010

apprentice-Web02 apprentice-Web03 Apprentice-Web01 


Woman’s Day, May 10 2010 



Woman’s Day, April 19 2010

WW02 Healer-on-Mission02 Healer-on-Mission-(1)


TV Guide April 24-30 2010

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Let’s all help Stop Plastic harming our Ocean Wildlife


The Healing Company supports reducing plastic in this world – more on how you can help stop plastic harming our ocean wildlife coming soon…..